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2022 Cosmopolitan Home of the Year

“Our plans were completed and now we needed to find the right builder.  After research and interviews we selected Colonial Builders – Tim Nagelkirk.  Tim worked collaboratively with us, our architect, designer, and landscaper to not only complete but significantly enhance the vision we had for our new home. We can’t say enough about Tim […]

Home of the Year 2019

“It was just tremendous, first class melding of people involved. Jeff nailed the design right off the bat and Tim pours heart and soul into building and sets a high standard of quality and beauty for himself and everyone involved and they universally responded. I’ve never experienced that before where there was so much mutual […]

Home of the Year 2017

“Picking a builder came down to the fact that it’s not just picking someone who is the most competitively priced; it’s someone who can partner with you on a project,” said Engen. “I felt like Tim [Nagelkirk] was far and away the best choice we could have made. It’s been an incredible experience. Looking back […]

Elegantly Enchanted

“Be not afraid of greatness some are born great. Some achieve greatness some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them.” – William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night For Tim Nagelkirk, life with Colonial Builders has been a combination of all three. Whether he came by his love of crafting wood genetically – his grandfather was […]

Layered Perfection

Nestled amidst a mature, wooded landscape in the Cascade area, a 10,000-plus square-foot-dream chateau deceives times. The estate appears to have been built generations prior and plucked from a serene country side in France. This distinct, European presence is exactly what the homeowners desired. “As far as the look of the home, we wanted it […]